Injector Control Pressure Sensor

How to Replace the Injector Control Pressure Sensor

What is the Injector Control Pressure Sensor all about?

In a fuel injection system, it’s important that the pc has information concerning the quantity of fuel pressure within the rail in the least times. This information is important for the pc to work out the particular injector timing, the width of every pulse, and therefore the pressure required during operation.

Injector Control Pressure Sensor

In some diesel engines (notably many Ford engines), this job is completed by the injector control pressure sensor or ICP. The sensor works on the idea of capacitance and feeds an analog voltage signal to the vehicle’s computer that tells it what proportion of pressure is within the rail.

Like all other sensors, the injector control pressure sensor is subject to wear and tear and eventual failure through normal use. If it fails, the pc is going to be unable to work out the pressure within the rail, which can adversely affect the operation of the engine.

Keep in mind:
The injector control pressure sensor isn’t inspected during normal maintenance.
The sensor can fail thanks to wiring problems, sensor deterioration, degradation, and other causes.
The sensor is a component of the equipment. don’t plan to work on this yourself.

How it’s done:

The vehicle is lifted and supported on jack stands
The defective injector control pressure sensor is removed
The new injector control pressure sensor is installed
The new sensor is checked for correct operation and jack stands removed
The engine is run and the vehicle is road tested for correct operation

Our recommendation:

Without an operational ICP, your vehicle’s computer is going to be unable to work the fuel injection system correctly. this will end in a variety of problems, starting from lean or rich operation to the Check Engine light turning on. Have a faulty sensor inspected immediately.

What common symptoms indicate you’ll get to replace the Injector Control Pressure Sensor?

Engine stutters or stumbles
Check Engine light is on
The engine features a rough idle

How important is that this service?

It is absolutely essential for your vehicle’s computer to be ready to determine the pressure within the rail in the least times. If the ICP fails or is failing, expect erroneous engine operation, rough idling, and therefore the Check Engine light to show on. Has this issue diagnosed immediately? Remember – equipment work isn’t something that ought to be undertaken on your own. Always leave it to our expert mechanics with the right work area, experience, and safety equipment.

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