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Maintenance and Replacement Steps about Injectors

The electronic unit injector is an important component of the fuel system of Caterpillar C4.4C6.4C6.6 engine and also a source of power. Valve damage: Generally caused by debris in the engine’s fuel system, the damage is not due to component quality. The essence cause of the damage is debris in the engine’s fuel system. To prevent damage from the fuel injector, please follow these guidelines.

When investigating a fuel system failure, follow the relevant troubleshooting steps before replacing any parts. Identify the source of fuel and, if necessary, analysis the fuel sampling . Check the application’s maintenance records to ensure that all maintenance procedures are performed as per recommended maintenance intervals. Before filling the fuel tank, ensure the cleanliness of the fuel, no dirt and debris. Before filling the fuel tank, ensure the cleanliness of the fuel, no dirt and debris, the moisture inside the core needs to be released before ignition every day, and the filter element is recommended to use the original filter, because the quality of the deputy factory is not up to request, the fuel is not clean enough.

Correct maintenance steps:

1 discharge fuel tank deposits

2 discharge or clean fuel coarse filter is still in the water separator

3 Keep the fuel tank air intake smooth

4 replace the fuel filter

5 Check the cleanliness of the fuel system during maintenance or repairing. Because this fuel injector has extremely high requirements on fuel, it will be broken if you don’t pay attention to it. Please also pay attention to timely maintenance.

The correct way to replace the injector:

First, prepare a container for things and pour a little bit of diesel for cleaning. The first step is to remove the 6 high-pressure oil pipes, put them in the container, and then use the paper to block the common rail warehouse to prevent the dust. Then use a flat-blade screwdriver to remove the dust plug. Finally, remove the respirator screw in the venting door cover.

The outer part is removed. When the valve cover is opened, the injector can be seen, and then the screw on the injector is loosened, and the wire is removed. The injector can be removed by removing the injector fixing screw. Note! ! ! The key point is coming, when taking the injector, the injector fixing screw should be screwed on the injector with the tool, take the injector, take care not to remove the screws and other accessories inside the engine, once you fall in to be seen, use the iron rod to suck it out. If you can’t see it, you can use it to flush it into the oil pan. You can remove it and find it in the engine. Otherwise, the engine will damage the internal parts of the engine as soon as it is working, resulting in overhaul of the engine. When the injector is removed and assembled, be sure to keep the injector clean, especially where the oil pipe is connected.

Pay special attention to the oil inlet

It is not necessary to do this, it must be cleaned in the installation, otherwise it will easily cause the magazine to be flushed into the injector to cause damage.

Assembly steps:

1 Wash the injector cleanly and install

2 Install rubber sleeves

3 Install high-pressure oil pipes

4 Install wires

5 Install the valve cover

6 Fix the respirator. (Injector, rubber sleeve, oil pipe must be cleaned)

Finally, confirm that there is no problem, you can test the machine.

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